Tentative tour programme of Sree Kashi Mathadhipathi  H H Srimad Samyameendra Tirtha Swamiji

23-01-19  Walkeshwar Shree Kashi Math to Khed Sree Kashimath, Barne Naka, Shinde Wade, Jawala, Barne, Khed 415 621. 25-01-19  Khed Sree Kashimath to Shri Lekshmi Venkataramana Temple, Plot No.19 & 19A, Sector 10A, Vashi, Navi Mumbai 400 703. 28-01-19  Shri Lekshmi Venkataramana Temple, Vashi, Navi Mumbai to Gowda Saraswath Samaj, No.12-1-468/8&9, Sudhindra Nilaya, St. No.1, Madhura Nagar, Nagole, Hyderabad 500 068. 02-02-19              Gowda Saraswath Samaj,  Nagole, Hyderabad to Shree

Important days

21-01-19 – Aaraat at Varappuzha Shri Varaha Swamy Temple. 05-02-19 – Srimad Sumatheendra Tirtha Swamy Punnya Tidhi -(Alappuzha old Tirumala) 10-02-19 – Aaraat at Ernakulam Tirumala and Palluruthi Shri Vettalla Swamy  Temples. 11-02-19 – Aaraat at old Tirumala Temple, Alappuzha. 13-02-19 – Aaraat at Kuzhipally Shri Balakrishna Swamy Temple. 14-02-19 – Shri Madhwa Navami.

GSB Samachar 2019 January

New Year 2019 has begun. Retrospection and re-evaluation will help to find effective ways of changing our lives for a meaningful future. Taking care of health, food habits, improving concentration, mental skills, becoming more active, better earning, reducing stress, overcoming vices etc are some of the resolutions taken by many. The “ Vision and Mission” for a better tomorrow has to be envisaged. Let this Year inculcate in us the

Tentative tour programme of Sree H H Srimad Samyameendra Tirtha Swamiji

13-12-18 Cochin Tirumala Dewaswom to Sree Kashimath, Ambalamedu. 17-12-18 Sree Kashimath, Ambalamedu to Sree VaradarajaVenkataramana Temple, Railway station Road, Kasargod 671121. 21-12-18  Sree VaradarajaVenkataramana Temple, Kasrgod to Sree Venkata ramana Temple, Mulki  574 154. 24-12-18  Sree Venkataramana Temple, Mulki to Sri Laxmi Venkata-ramana Temple, Siddapura 576 229. 26-12-18  Sri Laxmi Venkataramana Temple, Siddapura to Sri Venkata-ramana Temple, Someswara 576 112. 29-12-18  Sri Venkataramana Temple, Someswara to Sri Laxmi Narayana Temple,

Sree Sathyanarayana Vrita Pooja December 2018

Sathyanarayana Vrita Pooja and monthly Sammelan on 25th December, Tuesday  evening  Pooja Prarambh     –    05.30pm, Sthothra Parayan   –          05.45pm Aarathy    –          07.30pm Sabha Sammelan & Prasad distribution  –          08.00pm Yajman: Sri T. V. Devarajan, Med. College PO, Trivandrum

Important days

19-12-18 – Araat at Thuravoor Sri Bhagavathi Temple.  Bhagavath Geetha Jayanthy. 21-12-18 – Araat at Karnakodam Thirumala Temple. 22-12-18 – Araat at Cherai Sree Varaha Swamy Temple. Radhotsav and Araat at Kayamkulam Sree Vittalla Devaswam Temple. 30-12-18 – Konkani Dinam 14-01-19 – Srimad Sudheendra Tirtha Swamy Punnyatidhi (Haridwar)

All India Saraswath Sammelan

All India Saraswath Sammelan is being organised at Mumbai on 19th & 20th January 2019 by AISCO/All India Saraswath Foundation, with an objective to bring together Saraswaths of all denominations from all over India and abroad and to focus attention on the cultural, social, economic and other issues that affect and concern the lives of people at large. The 2-day Sammelan based on a unique theme “Saraswaths & Beyond” will

GSB Trivandrum 2018 December

Time to bid farewell to 2018. Pleasant and unpleasant events may have been experienced by individuals, societies, states, and countries. Departure of dear and near ones, effects of nature on us, happiness and sadness during the year, comes as a kaleidoscopic experience to all. This gears individuals and mankind to take stock and prepare to face and welcome the new year. Resolutions are taken to be a better human being

Sree Sathyanarayana Vrita Pooja November-2018

Sathyanarayana Vrita Pooja and monthly Sammelan on 17th November 2018, Saturday  evening  Timing:   Pooja Prarambh  –   05.30pm, Sthothra Parayan –          05.45pm Aarathy –          07.30pm Sabha Sammelan  Prasad distribution   –   08.00pm Yajman: Sri Lakshmidas Prabhu( Rtd Senior Scientist, ISRO). All are requested to participate and make the function a big success.

Tentative tour programme of Sree H H Srimad Samyameendra Tirtha Swamiji

22-11-2018 Sree Kashimath Tirumala Hills to Sree Kashimath, #14, Sree Kashimath Road, 19th Cross, Malleswaram, Bangalore 560 055. 04-12-2018 Bangalore Sree Kashimath to Sreemath Muttathu Thirumala Devaswom, T.D. Road, Cherthala 688 524. 07-12-2018 Sreemath Muttathu Tirumala Devaswom, Cherthala to Cochin Tirumala Dewasom, Goshreepuram, Kochi 682 002. 13-12-2018 Cochin Tirumala Dewaswom to Sree Kashimath, Ambalamedu. 17-12-2018 Sree Kashimath, Ambalamedu to Sree VaradarajaVenkataramana Temple, Railway station Road, Kasargod 671 121.