About Us

The Gowda Saraswatha Brahamana Mahasabha-Kerala was initially constituted in 1981 during the All Kerala G.S.B. Convention organised at Calicut with a view to bring about an emotional unity and integrity among the widely scattered members of the GSB Community.

The Thiruvananthapuram Unit of the GSB Mahsabha came into existence on 15th August 1986 after formation of the Managing Council.H.H SRIMAD SUDHINDRA THIRTHA SWAMIJI ( Matadhipathi of Sri Kasimath Samsthan, Varanasi ) founded such an Organisation with more than 130 branches (Gramasabhas) from Kasargod in the North of Kerala upto Tlhiruvananthapuram in the South.

In olden days, the authorities of Alleppey Ananthanarayanapuram Thurvaoor Thirumala Devaswom (AATTD) had to come over to Thiruvananthapuram, the erstwhile Travancore State capital, in connection with civil suits and appeals filed in the State High Court. During those days, it was difficult for them to get accommodation in Trivandrum due to lack of convenient lodges and tourist homes. Due to orthodoxy, they also felt shy of taking food from hotels belonging to other communities. In order to solve the problem and with a view to accommodate members of Konkani speaking Gowda Saraswath Community, who come to Trivandrum for higher studies, the then Devaswom authorities purchased a suitable plot with a house just adjacent to the Government Secretariat building in the year 1914.

Taking into account the increase in the number of members visiting Thiruvananthapuram, a two storey building consisting of 12 rooms, to provide accommodation for 28 members was constructed in the year 1939. This building was named “Sree Narasimha Vilas”. Thereafter this place has become a common venue for all the members of the GSB Community to gather and meet each other during several functions organised by the charitable bodies. Members of the Community who come to Thiruvananthapuram mainly to join for employment in various Government Departments and other offices including Banks utilised the lodging facilities at Sree Narasimha Vilas.

After demolishing the old building, a four storey building with approximately 12500 sq.ft area for shops and office space was constructed by Devaswom authorities during the year 1993, in order to get more revenue out of it for running the Administration of Devaswom. This building was later named as “Sree Narasimha Vilas Shopping Complex”. Thereafter in 2003, a hall with 3000 sq. ft. area and two guest rooms on the top floor was constructed, which was named as “Dhyan Mandir”.

When there was a move by the Kerala Government to enact a legislation thereby to take over the administration and properties of temples belonging to the Community. Also the cultural heritage and faith in Dharma was fast deteriorating due to various reasons and it was to reverse this ominous drift and to restore the glory of G.S.B. Samaj and to bring unity among the membersHis Holiness Srimad Sudhindra Thirtha Swamiji of Kashi Math Samsthanfounded such an Organisation with more than 130 branches (Gramasabhas) from Kasargod in the North of Kerala upto Thiruvananthapuram in the South.

After formation of the Thiruvananthapuram Unit of the G.S.B. Mahasabha on 15th August 1986 various programmes were chalked out by the Sabha in order to preserve the cultural and dharmic customs and traditions of G.S.B. Community. One of the main activities of the Mahasabha is the Sree Sathyanarayana Pooja & the Sammelan being conducted every month, in which members participate with their families. In addition, the Sabha also organises every year festivals/ceremonies such as Navratri Utsav, Manmi Brahman, Deepavali, Ganesh Chathurthi, Sree Krishna Janmashtami, Sutha Punnav etc. The Mahasabha encourages talents and abilities of children by organising competitions in connection with Annual Day celebrations. It also felicitates children who score highest marks in their educational career.

The Mahasabha publishes a monthly bulletin named as GSB SAMACHAR since its constitution in 1986 in which news on local events including marriages and deaths of our members, Matrimonial news, blood donation calls, H.H. Swamiji’s tour programme, important days and monthly programme are included. The bulletin (GSB Samachar) reaches every household of members.

The Sabha undertook Census of families residing in Thiruvananthapuram and it has been successful in bringing out a Directory of members with addresses and contact telephone details of members revised from time to time, which has been useful for reference in each household.

The Sabha extends help to poor sick members of the Community who are undergoing operation/treatment in Medical College/Sri Chitra Thirunal hospitals by arranging free blood donation and also rendering financial assistance.

With the aim of encouraging young children to speak in Konkani, the Sabha every year organise competitions in Konkani. It also publish in the bulletin news events relating to Konkani developments in the region in addition to printing of some write-up in Konkani. The Konkani publications, Music CDs/cassettes, etc. released in Kerala are being exhibited for sale during the monthly gatherings. The Surdas Bhajan Mandali is another wing of GSB Mahasabha.

All activities of the Mahasabha are organised in the Prayer Hall at 3rd floor of Sree Narasimha Vilas Shopping Complexwhich is in the heart of the City near the Government Secretariat. The prayer hall was handed over exclusivsely to the GSB Mahasabha by the Alleppey Ananthanarayanapuram Thuravoor Thirumala Devaswom ( AATTD ), based on a decision of H.H. Srimad Sudhindra Thirtha Swamiji of Kashi Math Samsthan in January 1993.