GSB Samachar 2019 September

GSB Samachar 2019 September

Chandrayan 2 mission has created history. Every Indian is proud of the exceptional achievement of ISRO, for their hard work and dedication. Their passion is an inspiration to an entire generation of budding scientists of the future generation. Their efforts have made history and the nation proud. Big salute to the brilliant men and women who worked in this project. Their hard work and passion has earned India place in the League of Nations and have inspired generations to reach for the stars.

GSB community is once more in the news. Mangalore police has arrested a Kerala based most wanted criminal, Sam Peter who has planned either to abduct or murder prominent leaders of the GSB community. During the police investigation, it has come to light that he had plotted criminal conspiracy by offering to act as middleman in the
dispute over Kashi Math between the Kashi Mathadhipathi Shrimad Samyameendra Thitha Swamiji and the erstwhile disciple Sivananda Pai, who had given up the religious order on his own and was subsequently disowned by the Gurumaharaj, Shrimad Sudhindra Thirtha Swamiji. The police have served notice to the disowned disciple Sivananda Pai to personally appear for questioning. A sad plight of affairs for the entire community.

One unique feature of the GSB’s is their traditional food. Unchanged over the centuries, we still preserve and relish the Konkani dishes. The food festival organised by the Vanitha Vibhag of Trivandrum on 18th August was a great treat to all. Patharvodo, Hittu, Muskuttu, Patthali, Rontassu, Sandannu, Phoddi, Phovaukkari, Elichikeri, Mando etc,
are some of the various 55 dishes prepared and served. 30 vanitha members had participated in the event. Kudos to the Vanitha pradhan Manju, Srividya Rajesh and Manjula and other members for coordinating the program and for making it a grand success. Special appreciation to the Yuva vibhag in assisting this event.

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